Invest in your future learning

Always invest in your future learning

With over 90% of the world’s online data having been created in the past 12 months, including 300+ hours of YouTube video uploaded every minute and hundreds of millions of hours viewed every day – there is no shortage of information in the world – but how do you work out what is worth learning and what’s not?

Two phrases about learning that have resonated with me over the past few years are;

You’ll never out earn your learning! (Brad Sugars)

Create a learning fund where you allocate 10% of your Income for the purposes of funding your future learning

Having set out to diligently follow these guides I have discovered that the second point is harder to do especially when the first one holds true, the more you learn the more you may earn.
Learning opportunities are broadly categorised into two distinct groups these days – In Person and Online.

Online learning opportunities include Podcasts, Blogs, YouTube channels, Webinars, LinkedIn, Facebook Groups and following your respected peers and Industry Thought Leaders on Twitter. It enables efficient delivery of information in huge volumes but it’s not the single source of future learning. There is no doubt that online learning is here to stay and further develop, however, there is also a resurgence in the need for face to face, live human events, it seems as though the Higher the Tech the Higher the Touch required.

One solution to spending the money you have earmarked for your “Learning Fund” is to travel (both locally and overseas) to attend conferences in your chosen field. In the past 12 months I have spent over 70 days at events and it’s amazing how well a 14 hour international flight prepares the mind for absorption of ideas and inspiration, so long as you stay away from the bar in the sky! So why not do it? Seek out the number one global event in your industry or profession and commit to attending it within the next 12 months. Plan on taking your spouse and schedule some time out days before the event if you can, so you land in the conference chair eager to learn and dedicate some time post event to review what you have learnt and set goals and devise strategy. However a word of warning! – You may get hooked on this approach to learning and your passport will quickly start to fill up.

Another thing I have learnt is that learning is a daily task, so learn to develop a learning calendar, that reminds you of this and lock in the major industry events you would love to attend in the coming 12 months (no matter where in the world). Remember that it’s not just about business (professional) development, take time out also to enhance your personal learning too; you may be surprised at what you learn.

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