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Start With a Profit – Free eBook by Accounting Industry Leaders (Including our very own Clayton Oates)

Start With A Profit

Start with a Profit: Best-Practice Tips for New Entrepreneurs from Top Accounting Industry Leaders is the latest guide to helping new (and existing) business owners become successful.

Editor Sandi Leyva, CPA, asked fellow accounting industry thought leaders one question:

“For someone who wants to start a new business from scratch today, what is the most important strategy or tactic you’d tell them about to help them succeed?”

One dozen thought leaders (from around the globe) along with Sandi provided their answers.

Co-authors include:
• Alison Ball, Senior Manager of the Global Influencer Program of Intuit​.
• Sharada Bhansali, Co-Founder of Accountants World
• Randy Johnston, CEO of Network Management Group, Inc.
• Ed Kless, Senior Director of Partner Development and Strategy of Sage​
• Sandi Leyva, Founder of Accountants Accelerator
• Monika Miles, President of Miles Consulting Group, Inc.
• Clayton Oates, Chief Solutions Officer of QA Business​.
• Edi Osborne, CEO of Mentor Plus
• Leslie Shiner, Owner of The Shiner Group​
• Doug Sleeter, Founder of The Sleeter Group​
• Sandra Wiley, COO and Shareholder of Boomer Consulting, Inc.​
• Geni Whitehouse, Countess of Communication of Even a Nerd Can Be Heard
• Scott Zarret, President of CPA Academy

“To my knowledge, it’s the first collaborative work of thought leaders in the accounting industry,” says Sandi Leyva. This is Sandi’s 30th book and her first collaboration as editor.

Although each author’s contribution is quite unique, a few client-centric themes emerged, including how to market most effectively, how to build customer relationships, and how to interact with clients. Others focused on business models and pricing. Still others urged the entrepreneur to embrace their passion and their “why.”

The 75-page ebook is available in PDF format only at this time. A quick read, and it’s free with email registration at

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